Song and Art – Poker Face

poker face

Song and Art – Poker Face

The term poker face is a term thrown about constantly to describe how to keep one of true emotions in check during a game. Upon first meeting someone with such a stoic manner, one may remark, that being a great poker face you have there. In another case one may state, that little boss looks like a real professional. Then again another person may say, he/she is so serious they are going to win the big jackpots. It’s all a matter of perception and how you interpret the actions of others.

There is no one single definition of poker face but there are a few key elements that need to be present. Firstly having the ability to remain level-headed is absolutely vital. While many UK singles have a chip on their shoulder due to previous rejection or mistreatment, a winner rarely loses his or her composure in the heat of the moment. The ability to stay cool under pressure and to effectively handle your emotions while playing is going to pay huge dividends when it comes to success.

Another point that relates to this subject of poker face is the fact that many artists come across as quite unapproachable in their live performances. They seem to have an air of indifference to the audience and in some instances their gestures simply are not trustworthy. This is the main idea behind music videos in the first place and how they get across the message that they want to get across to their audience. If an artist comes across as unfriendly as the message will be missed and the viewer will pick up on this.

One example of this was recently with Pink Floyd. During a concert, a member of the audience heckled them and with great effect the band reacted with extreme hostility. The singer shouted abuse at the man he was trying to disrupt the concert and then launched into a tirade against the world, branding them ignorant and self-indulgent. Although this may have been one of the best things that could have happened to them this particular performance failed to impress. It failed to entertain and it failed to offend.

Now this might be a typical performance by a rock band or a pop group, but think about the reaction if a solo artist or a singer from a popular band tried to do a performance like this. The crowd would be screaming at them to get back in their seats and this act might even go viral on the internet. The only problem is that a lot of artists like to come off as very rude and unapproachable. It’s like nobody wants to be on stage with a neon sign on their forehead and a poker face beaming back at them from across the stage.

The good news is that this trend is quickly fading away and poker face is here to stay. New artists are coming offstage with their newly found cool and they are all performing with their newfound swagger. You can catch them on many of the local radio stations as well as you can watch videos online. There is even an entire blogosphere devoted to just talking about and reviewing music of every genre imaginable, so there is plenty of interesting information to be uncovered about this great new idea behind the song and art.