Tournament of the Century – Crown Poker Room – 2020 Aussies Millions Tournament

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Tournament of the Century – Crown Poker Room – 2020 Aussies Millions Tournament

The Australian Professional Poker Tour, also known as Aussies Millions, is an annual series of poker events held at the Crown Poker Room, located in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city. The main event of this series is the highest-stakes poker tournament ever held with an estimated prize pool of AUS $7.4 million.

This year’s tournament was played on the third weekend in January and covered a total of twenty-two hands. The top four players from each hand played one last game and that final game was a final table match. There were four separate tournaments:

The top four players in the Australian Pro Poker Tour tournament qualified for the Championship. The top four from the Championship then continued their quest for the prize money by competing in a final table tournament called the Final Table.

The four players who played in the Aussies Millions tournament won one of three Aussies Millions bracelet awards. The winners earned themselves an additional AUS $100,000 bonus from the Crown Poker Room itself and a place in the World Tour. The other two players who played in this tournament earned AUS $50,000 from the crown poker room. They will now compete in the World Tour Championship to compete against the world’s top players.

This tournament was the first major tournament to be held at the Crown Poker Room, and was the first Aussies Millions tournament to be held there. It has also been the longest running poker tournament ever. Since it was the first tournament to be played at this site, it was important to set the stage for this tournament.

All the players at this tournament started at an equal table in the Aussies Millions bracelet table and worked their way down to the third table, where they faced off against the top three players in the tournament and played for the Aussies Millions bracelet award. Each player then got to take home the Aussies Million bonus, which could be used on a new card in the upcoming World Tour Championship tournament, or on any of the tournament prizes.

There were five rounds of play at this tournament, which took place over two days at the Crown Poker Room. Each round was a single day and each day consisted of fifty-two hands at an average game length of two hours.

The winners of the tournament were given the opportunity to make a call to win a second Aussies Millions bracelet. The Aussies Million bonus was then handed out to the runners up and those players who failed to make a call before the end of the tournament were not entitled to receive the Aussies Million bonus. from Crown Poker Room.

This was the first Final Table tournament to be held at the Crown Poker Room since the first tournament of this magnitude took place at the venue. The next one is scheduled to take place in the same venue in April 2020.